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Pikachu’s Summer Vacation 2018

PIKA!! Pikachu's Summer Vacation 2017 https://youtu.be/0NTsNkDATOM

DiCE Internet Cafe | How to survive in Japan’s hot days?

During these hot days in Japan, you need to find ways to stay cool. Actually using internet cafe would be the most smart way to cool down instead of stay at home, steal AC in department and so on. The DiCE Internet Cafe shocked us by their good environment, variety contents and a GOOD PRICE.

BIIIIIIG Size PARO Ramen Challenge in Akihabara

Last week, our Dimz went a Karaoke chain store ---PASELA in AKIHABARA. They didn't sing any song, but got a special ramen named PARO which is a 3kg biiiiiig size ramen. They tried to challenge to get it for free as if they would finish it in 30 minutes. In Japan, this is kind of challenge menu is a part of Japanese food culture, also called 「大食い」(OOGUI)which means eat more than you can!! Don't you want to challenge PARO ramen for free??

Party People a.k.a PARIPISM in JAPANESE

This club in Kabukicho is the new hype thing! With the mix of anime culture and club events, PariPism is the place to be. Make sure to check out the details for the next event so you can enjoy this event as well!

Meet Modern Ninja in Yokohama

Can you imagine a NINJA guide you to visit around Yokohama? This video might show you a whole of NINJA's weekdays life~

Secret menu @ SUKIYA in Japan

Actually, there is an interesting thing called 「裏メニュー」URA MENU(URA MENU means secret menu)in Japanese food culture. Recently, our boy Dimz and his cameraman Rose ordered a SECRET MENU in SUKIYA.(popular Japanese beef rice chain store) Let's see how they lost in a huuuuuuuge beef rice bowl. lol

Weekly-Chop38 ~Learn Japanese vocabulary~

Japanese language you can laugh & learn at the same time.【CHOP】

How to order UDON in Japan?

Hey guys, This is Dimz from CJC TV! This video is for the people like me who are afraid to order Udon in Japan because they don’t know the process.

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