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A Head Massage That Will Help You Achieve “Ultimate Sleep”

CJC visited a head massage speciality store that has been gathering a lot of attention recently called "Goku no Kimochi" located in Harajuku, Tokyo. Their technique is so good that they promise to help you achieve "Ultimate Sleep" and so our reporter Rose decided to put them to the test with a challenge.

We Got to Cut Up a Big Daddy Tuna

In preparation for the Tuna Cutting Show event at a restaurant called "Tsuki to Suppon" in Kamata, Tokyo, CJC got to visit the Ota Fish Market to pick out the Tuna of Choice. Follow along with us as we show you the process behind Japan's Tuna Cutting Show!

Betting 300,000 Yen at the Horse Races

CJC heads to the Oita Keibajou (Horse Races) and decides to bet.... 300,000 yen?! Check out our video to find out the results!

Anime Themed Capsule Hotel Gives You a Brand New Experience

Staying at a capsule hotel can be a unique experience in Japan. Although the idea of the capsule hotel is not so new any more these days, there are some business that are adding their personal flair to the place. Today we got to visit a capsule hotel with different themed rooms called New City 

Great Standing Bar in Yokahama that makes you feel the essence...

I love standing bars. As a matter of fact, I spend 2-3 days a week grabbing some food and drinks there. The atmosphere gets you pumped up with waiters/waitresses bustling about the place, bringing highballs, beer and the like to your table.

Sing Anime Songs Here to Feed Your Otaku Desires | STARS

Something that has been popping up more in Japan’s otaku sub-culture is anisong karaoke, a place where you can sing anime songs. Anime isn’t anything new to us in the west, but recently I can’t help but feel that more and more people are becoming more interesting in the intro and outros songs of various...

Trained-Themed Karaoke only at JOYSOUND

https://youtu.be/U3taqZ1aS7MWhile we visited the JOYSOUND in Shinagawa, Tokyo the other day, we also got the chance to try out their train-themed room. As you can see...

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