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World Cosplay Summit: How To Cosplay

Hey Rose here! CJC is always centering it's content around Japan's subcultures, but this last weekend, we visited Nagoya's World Cosplay Summit 2017's Finals. What? You've...

Weekly Chop #9

It's time for your daily Japanese lesson with Sakamoto!

Yatsuhashi Revolutionaries, Kiyomizu Kyoami

After exploring Kiyomizu-dera, and drinking from it’s mystical waters, you find yourself headed down a nearby street. A sweet scent fills the air. Following...

Omurice Evangelist of Kichi Kichi

While sitting at Kichi Kichi’s beautiful wooden bar, the kitchen in front of you is alive with superhuman cooking feats. Before your eyes, a...

Sunshine Aquarium, Has Flying Penguins

Hey Rose here! It’s been pretty hot outside lately huh… However, today we found a nice place where we can cool off. Everyone, how...

Weekly Chop #8

It's time for your daily Japanese lesson with Sakamoto!

Anshinoyado Shinjuku Is A Great Way To Experience Capsule Hotels

Last time was Matt’s introduction of Shinjuku’s Capcom Bar, but since I’m a game fanatic, I had to go experience it for myself. After...

Kamakura Festivals For The Summer

Ahhhh, summer time. It may be hot and muggy outside, but there are so many charms that come with it. After stepping off the...

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