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「Ora Ora Ora Ora」brings you a perfect JOJO’s food

MUDA! MUDA! MUDA! MUDA! (Useless!Useless! ・・・) No, I’m not crazy. LOL. These famous lines are from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3. Just as you can see from the clip, this is a collaboration between Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and the puzzle solving theme park Tokyo Mystery Circus (Shinjuku TMC).

Do You Have Unko Study Habbits? Well You Should.

Unko means poop in Japanese, so for now on all poop will be referred to as unko. Hey everyone it's Rose here again! I've been...

UOBEI Sushi is Sushi Gospel

Eating sushi is one of the 700% must do things that tourists do when visiting Japan. As one of the definite things to do...

Shinobazu Cafe Brings A Cute Ninja Experience

Maid Cafe’s and the like are in no shortage whatsoever here in Akihabara. However, today we got to try something a little different. Growing...

Cafe Tsuzuki Pours You A Cafe Au Lait From The Ceiling

Just the other day when CJC went to see the World Cosplay Summit in Nagoya. After asking the local cosplayers if there were any...

HADO In Akihabara Gives You The True Hadouken Experience

Hey it's your boy Rose. When you were children did you ever happen to play Street Fighter? I was pretty into it back in...

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