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Donki Dice, Taking Donki Quijote To The Next Level


Hello ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Donki Dice show where my coworker Mike and myself go head to head buying each other weird stuff from Don Quijote.

In case you don’t know, Don Quijote is a store here in Japan notoriously known for the massive selection of everyday household items and other interesting products.


Try to get each other weird or strange items we don’t want at Don Quijote.

How to Play

We both roll dice for each other, the first time being which floor 1-6 (since they’re are 5 floors, 6 is your personal preference) and the second time being how many minutes you are allowed to look for the opponents item. 2 minutes is the minimum time one is given to look and 6 is the maximum. There are other rules depending on what the item is which will be explained as we go on.

First up was Matt with 6 minutes to search through B1F’s items.

Next up Mike also B1F with 5 mintues

The unveiling…dried sardines.

Mike was pleasantly surprised when he get a nice tight sealed pack of dried sardines. MMMMMMMM yummy. Needless to say, he is not a fan of dried fish or anything of the sort, so I had to get a healthy size for him.

Lunch is served. Come and get it.

After eyeballing a single sardine for what felt like 10 minutes he finally took the plunge and downed one in a flash.

Mike’s Verdict: not such a pleasant appearance but flavor wise, a little salty, but edible

However, I can’t accept him just eating 1 so I made him get a decent hand full.

Final Verdict: Too salty, 8/10 gag reflex

According to Mike, 1 sardine may not be so bad for most people if you can past the appearance. A hand full though is begging for mouth blisters.

Fish Sausage….

Although I admit I love fish, having it molded into sausage form with questionable like glue agents just isn’t my cup of tea. Having just had lunch as well, I was not confident in my ability to stomach this.

Verdict: Sausage texture, light salty taste, what kind of fish species were used is unidentifiable

There you have it. The first Donki Dice challenge seemed quite tame this time as we both got lucky with food. I do have to say that I felt a bit bad forcing dried sardines down Mikes throat, but that’s what this games all about.

Would you like to more of this kind of series? Let us know in the comments!