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Is Brain Ramen Good Brain Food?


Suddenly a ridiculous thing arrived at my desk. Huh?! Brain ramen?! Sounds pretty scary..

The package is pretty stylish but..

When I took a glimpse at the brain shaped drawing, I realized it was actually ramen. Although it’s just normal salt flavored ramen the name really stood out to me.

Wait a second though, why is it pink?! It feels like some kind of prank.

I decided to search on the web and this picture came up.

There definitely is some delicious looking picture in here.


There is a picture of cute high school girl eating her own head… Seems meaningless…

However, after looking at the back of the package, I was relieved. The “brains” contain vitamin B1 which is beneficial for producing energy. 

If you eat this, there may be a chance that it will get your brain moving a bit faster.

And… it’s finished!

But I haven’t forgot that girls picture…

It’s pretty disturbing and I don’t want to eat such a cute girl’s face..

Well if it’s like this I guess I can eat it.


Here we go.

In Japanese brains are called “nou miso” however this wasn’t miso flavored… it was salt!

It was pretty delicious. By the way, I can’t judge whether my brain has gotten better yet from eating this but..

  • Vitamin B is a necessary nutrient for metabolizing sugars.
  • If you have a deficiency, you won’t be able to properly metabolize sugars and you build up fatigue of lactic acids, and will become very tired.

Therefore vitamin B1 is an essential component for the body which is why you should eat this ramen! Aside from the stylish packaging, it can also make an interesting gift or a nice souvenir to bring back home. You can pick this up at any VILLAGE VANGUARD in Japan.