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Lunch Packs By Yamazaki Are A Great Snack For Both Kids And Adults


If you happen to make your way to Japan one thing you often come across are these wonderful sandwiches called Lunch Packs made by Yamazaki. Loved all around for their simple crust-less square shape, it’s hard to not find yourself having one for a snack.

Make your way into Ikebukuro station in Tokyo and you will see this wonderful Lunch Pack store near the north exit. What’s cool about this store is they carry different flavored sandwiches from all over Japan. Take this strawberry jam and milk cream flavor from Hiroshima. Shout out to all those Carps fans out there!

So what flavors really stood out?

Andes melon and whip cream from Ibaraki

Being a huge melon fan, it was not surprise we had to try this flavor from Ibaraki. As soon as I got back to the office this sandwich was snatched up immediately. Needless to say it is quite sweet and delicious.

Green curry

My personal choice is this green curry flavor. Being a huge fan of Thai food I didn’t question buying this in a heartbeat. In general though, you can’t go wrong with curry and bread.

Very very strawberry from Baskin Robbins

This was…. confusing. I felt obligated to buy it though just because how crazy of an idea it is. However, ice cream flavor that isn’t cold or… even ice cream is kind of a let down. Can’t recommend this one.

Hamburg and wasabi tartar sauce

The final item from lunch pack that I have to introduce is this hamburg with wasabi tartar sauce flavor. I mean how specific can you be? It seemed to be quite a risky flavor but that makes it all the more excited to try. As a matter of fact, this probably ranks at #2 right behind the green curry flavor. It actually captured the hamburg taste quite well, and being a fan of wasabi, it was a hit success for me.


Lunch Pack is a great snack for kids and adults with their wide range of flavors and compact size. From time to taking a break from traditional Japanese foods and seeing their take on western staple foods is really interesting. If you find yourself in Japan, make sure to treat yourself to a lunch pack!