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OSMO Takes Stamps To The Next Level


Hey everyone do you all know what this is? You probably think it’s some portable battery charger right? But actually…


It’s something called OSMO, which allows you to make your own original stamps. Pretty cool huh?


Although we are already in the 21st century, in Japan stamps and seals are still often used. You will see it even in business, and things like post cards and letters. Traditionally, Japanese people would get their name in kanji (Chinese characters) printed on the stamp, but as of recently, using one’s favorite characters or animals has become more popular.

However, OSMO doesn’t just provide some cute animals as stamps, but turns your picture into one!


So today I decided to see how this service actually works. First I searched for a shop that is equipped with OSMO and then I bought an OSMO holder which comes in 3 different sizes and colors each.


The OSMO holder will run you around 700 yen, with 800 yen (about US $7.80) being the more expensive ones. Overall not too bad.

After you buy your OSMO holder, it’s to use the service.

When you first come to the menu it is initially in Japanese, but they offer different language options in the top right corner.

There is also a phone app for OSMO that let’s you edit the design of your photo.

Of course if you want a cool stamp, it’s best to take a cool picture!!

Actually this is a picture of the first time I tried wearing kimonos. I tried imitating the famous samurai Ryouma Sakamoto.

To proceed with the service, place your OSMO holder in the tray that pops out below.

After waiting about 50 seconds, production is complete!


What’s impressive is that usually if you want to make an original stamp in Japan, it takes at least a day.

In addition it isn’t just some characters or a simple picture, it actually uses a real picture.

When you look at the stamp on the backside, it kind makes you look like an alien.

So what does it look like printed on something?

Although it’s only about 3 centimeters, it could capture the contents of the photo quite well.

The fact that you can use an original picture, make edits through an app on your phone and print it as s stamp is pretty incredible huh?

I couldn’t get enough of it, so I stamped a piece of paper like a thousand times….

What’s that? It even appears in bank notes?!

As you can see, you can make a pretty awesome stamp for a very affordable price. It may seem like childish for some people, but considering the necessity of them in Japan, this is a great service. I mean as far as I know, you can use it on official documents too! (if it’s within reason)

If you want more information, make sure you head over to OSMO’s website to find out more!



The ink is limited and cannot be replenished. So make sure you use it only when you need it!