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Tokyo Osaka Rivalry: Burger Wars at Mcdonald’s


The Tokyo Osaka rivalry has been going on for as long as people can remember. For those who don’t know, Tokyo and Osaka have been known to differ on various issues. This includes things like:

  • which side to stand on riding an escalator (Tokyo = left, Osaka =right)
  • Tokyo feels a bit more international, where as Osaka although modern, feels more Japanese
  • Osaka people tend to be more light-hearted and funny, Tokyoites maybe a little dryer

However, the biggest difference of them all?


Which is why today we are having a showdown with McDonald’s Japan’s most recent campaign.

In Tokyo, Mcdonald’s is pronounced “makku” whereas in Osaka it is “makudo”

Here at CJC it is our duty to determine these sandwiches who will reign supreme. Let the games begin.

First we carefully examine every inch of the sandwiches

Osaka: Beef Cutlet Burger

Appearance wise this has nothing special to offer. I’ll go as far as to say it is actually a little unpleasant to look at.

Tokyo: Roast Beef Burger

This looked a little more pleasant. It actually had a distinctive look to it and quite frankly, just looked more edible.

Time for the challenge. First up, the Osaka burger.

The verdict.

All members agreed it was so so, leaning towards not so good. The bun was quite saturated in the sauce and juices, so much to the point where it resembled the result of putting a piece of bread in a cup of water. On top of that, there wasn’t anything unique about this sandwich. Also, the picture shows a much more crispy looking cutlet, but this was quite soggy. Isn’t Osaka known for their food? Cmon guys…

Can Tokyo’s sandwich save the day?

Kinryuu and myself gave it a thumbs up. It actually has a distinctive smoky roast beef taste, and the bbq sauce was quite tasty. The bread was a bit firmer which did well in holding it together.

Mike on the other hand rated it slightly better than the Osaka cutlet, but only by a little. Ultimately, he found it bland and found the choice of roast beef to be questionable choice to represent Tokyo.

So who takes the cake?

Overall though, as you can expect, it was crushing victory for Tokyo. However, this verdict was unfortunately based on which one is more edible rather than delicious. This Tokyo Osaka rivalry campaign is only here for a limited time, but to be honest, your better off with just a big mac.

Please don’t sue us Mcdonald’s.


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