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Trained-Themed Karaoke only at JOYSOUND


https://youtu.be/U3taqZ1aS7MWhile we visited the JOYSOUND in Shinagawa, Tokyo the other day, we also got the chance to try out their train-themed room. As you can see in the video there was different signage on the wall showing what station you are at and also a center console that acts as the conductor’s seat. The seat can also rotate 360 degrees, so after singing a bit facing forward, you can shift it towards the seats in the back for a more social experience.

The seats are actually taken from the electric trains and are indeed quite cozy. Along with the decor of the room, they actually have 2 projectors mounted on both sides of the room which display the same view you would see looking out the windows of a moving train. That paired with some custom tracks in the song library that mimic what the conductor might say, make it feel as if you really are operating a real train. It’s quite a blast and if you drink enough you may actually believe you are a real conductor.

As far as everything else goes, it functions just like any other room at JOYSOUND (which are awesome by the way) equipped with controls for the karaoke box, and for ordering food and drinks. I should mention there are also some different theme rooms they offer based off of various themes like anime, and the like so check out their website to see more!