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UNIDOL is a New Take on Japanese Idol Groups


Hey rose here.  Studying Japanese is just difficult. I”m doing it everyday.

Especially when the names of things it katakana get shortened. In this case even if you look it up in a dictionary, you won’t really be able to find it.

For example, McDonald’s is originally マクドナルド in Japanese, but マック is used as an abbreviation in Kantou, and マクド in Kansai.

So how about college students?

UNIDOL (ユニドル)

UNIDOL is based of the term University Idol which is the title of a run-off between all-girl universities against each other.

Just as the name suggests, it is based on the concept of normal college girls standing on a stage as idols and perform a dance routine from popular idol groups.

What is recently sparked the popularity of UNIDOL is this.

One of my favorite cup ramen brands QTTA did a collaboration with UNIDOL by having cute college girls from all over Japan perform a  original dance contest based on the song セーのでエール by a band who assisted QTTA called OKAMOTO’S. So of course all us members at CJC looked at all of the UNIDOL participates dance photos.

There were quite a number of groups, all together making 68.

From that, CJC members each selected their number 1 choice.

First off…

Matt from America

It’s gotta be Grant saga.

There dancing is no joke, and the associated University name is great!

If you translate it to English it’s like…Big Wife Girl University!!


Otsuma Women’s University

You idiot! You read Otsuma Women’s University!

Sorry about that. There dance performance was well done. Also it really fit the QTTA image well. They were super cute!


Rose from China

Looking at the profile, I chose Seijo University.

Because the 2nd girl from the front left is my type.

You really are simple…

Of course their dance performance was really cool.

By the way, some girls from Seijo University last year got 3rd place in a UNIDORU contest, and this year took 1st place.


Lastly is Sakamoto from Japan

Of course Horitsu University’s  kimowota☆7!!!!

Everyone looks so cheerful right?

What? The beginning looks like Michael Jackson’s Thriller… Kind of scary..

Shut up! Horitsu is my alma mater! Of course I have to support them!

E Excuse us…

On their website you can only vote once a day so you should think really serious about who you choose!

Voting: here

Voting period: August 10th (Thursday) 14:00 〜 August 21st (Monday) 23:59


Do you all know which university is famous for having the most beautiful women?

That is Shouchi University! (my personal point of view)

Women who study literature there are in abundance. Also, there are a lot of women who study psychology and foreign languages and the like.

For those of you foreigners thinking to study abroad, so I recommend Shouchi for many reasons!

This is Shouchi University’s SPH mellmuse! They are very cute and colorful right?

Here is there performance.


That seems to be all for the idol groups, but my stomach has been growling for some time.

Of course I have to try QTTA.

You can really taste the rich taste and it feels like a high quality product.

See you next time!

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