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Do You Have Unko Study Habbits? Well You Should.


Unko means poop in Japanese, so for now on all poop will be referred to as unko.

Hey everyone it’s Rose here again! I’ve been living here in Japan for about 4 years now so I feel like I’ve gotten the hang of life here.However, it goes without saying, if you want to get used to life in a foreign country quicker, it’s really important to learn the language.

After spending years learning the language back in China and then coming to Japan and studying like crazy, I finally managed to get N1 on the JLPT (Japanese-Language Proficiency Exam).

And yes, at that time I had dreads (no regrets though).

Although I think I’ve come a long way from when I first began Japanese, I still feel like I have a mountain of things to learn.

Which is why I would like to introduce “Unko Kanji Drill” a kanji drill book for elementary school students that has blown up here in Japan.

So what is Unko Kanji Drill?

It is Japan’s number 1 more interesting kanji drill book. In Japan, standard kanji drills consist of writing kanji over and over endlessly. However, for children, it just ends up becoming work where they can’t stay focused. This book was made to overcome this constructed weakness of kanji learning. From elementary school grades 1 to 6 this book manages to packed 3,018 example sentences all containing the word “poop”.

Also, since kids happen to be on summer vacation, I went to an event called “Unko Kanji Town” that took place in Ikebukuro’s Sunshine City Nanja Town.

What on earth kind of place is Unko Kanji Town??

Alllll unko!!

Unko Rain

Unko Flowers

Golden Unko

If you open the locker… unko slippers

I was so surprised to see the large selection and creativity behind all the unko. I think I’ve already gotten used to it here.

After looking around for a while I finally found some Unko Kanji Drills.

First, I decided to try “The Legend of the Heroic Unko” challenge.

It was kanji drill that tests the kanji you have to know elementary grades 1-6 in varying difficulty but…

Since I passed the N1 I knew this would be a cake walk. Even if I were a 6th grader I should be able to pass it with flying colors.

Seriously if I don’t get a perfect score I’m seriously going to eat unko.

(Go forth young lad!)

With this Legend of the Heroic Unko treasure hunt like syle, in several parts of Nanja Town, were hidden unko kanji problems. A sort of way to solve the problems.

Uh oh…. This isn’t good.

I began solving the problems while being fascinated with the connection to unko.

20 minutes

I finished it in time!

Alright, I wonder if I got a perfect score?

Can you check my score miss? (heart is racing)

I’m so nervous…. Just tell me already!!

NO WAYYYYYY!!! Even though I got N1 on the JLPT…..

I lost points on the reading of 迷子 which I answered as まよこ instead of まいご…. How could I miss that!!! I was so careless! (it’s too late for excuses)

Final result: 80%

Well I lost… Not enough studying after all. So who was the guy who said he would eat unko if he didn’t get a full score? Unko Sensei once said, “Don’t take elementary school level kanji lightly!”.

Alright as a manly man, I’ll stick to my word and eat unko.

Unko mid-production

Are you serious?! This cotton candy unko is bigger than my head!

Alright alright, I’ll eat every last bit of it. (I was getting a rather lot of attention from the kids around me)

I’ll never forget this humiliation for the rest of my life!!


This time I did the Legend of the Heroic Unko at Nanja Town but even if you were to be a foreigner posessing N1, I felt that Unko Kanji Drill is very necessary in one’s studies of kanji. After all, studying is for life.

It is a book designed for Japanese elementary students learning kanji, but I highly recommend this to foreigners, especially westerners studying Japanese.

You can easily purchase it on Amazon.

Check it out here on their website! 

Also, if you are interested in other fun ways to learn, check out our company’s website (CHOP) to learn interesting Japanese that you won’t find elsewhere!

Just like Unko Drill, you can laugh and learn at the same time. So if you are a fan of Unko Drill, I’m sure this would be right up your alley.

Come gather at Unko Kanji Drill x Nanja Town

Exhibition Hours: July 20th (Thursday) to Augst 31st (Thursday)

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