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YouTubers in Japan: Who is Popular?


Hey everyone, Rose here! Recently I looked at Japan’s average income earnings but with YouTubers coming in at 3rd place, I felt like the times are definitely changing.

That’s crazy! Almost 7.5 million yen (US $75,000) annually!

By the way, I looked it up on the web but being a YouTuber was ranked 3rd place for a professions Japanese elementary students wanted to be (1st being a pro soccer player, and second being a doctor).

So why do YouTubers have such a high income?

The reason is ad revenue that accounts for 10% of how many plays a video gets.

In other words, the number of plays x 0.1 = is the sum of payment.

Unlike foreign YOUTUBERS (mainly gaming live streamers, such as the YOUTUBE emperor PewDiePie), what kind of videos are popular in Japan? (I mean Japan is the king of anime and games right?)

Without further ado, let’s get into the earnings of the TOP 10 YouTubers by calculating the their channel’s total views by 10%

(From YTRANKING, a YouTube ranking site)

1st place, Hajime Shachou

Total number of plays: 3,989,891,814

Which comes out to be an estimated 398,980,000 yen a year (US 3.98 million dollars)

By the way, I highly recommend this youtuber as he just never is boring!

This Coke bath is amazing!!

2nd place, KAN & AKI’s CHANNEL

Total number of plays: 3.8 billion = an estimated 380 million yen (US 3.8 million dollars)

This is a youtube channel of 3 sisters (and occasionally their younger brother). They introduce all kinds of kids toys and snacks and even vlog their outings.

They almost seem like they were born for the camera.

3rd place, HIKAKIN TV

Total number of plays: 3.4 billion = an estimated 340 million yen (US 3.4 million dollars)

He mainly is concerned with merchandise but he is extremely good at beat boxing and even did a collaboration video with my goddess Ariana Grande.

4th – 10th place

KIDS LINE, total number of plays: 3.1 billion

AAAjoken toys, total number of plays: 2.8 billion

HikakinGames, total number of plays: 2.4 billion

Sen, Momo, Ai & Shii, total number of plays: 2.3 billion

Fischer’s, total number of plays: 2 billion

Leon Channel, total number of plays: 1.7 billion

SeikinTV, total number of plays: 1.7 billion


And that’s all!

Of the TOP 10 Youtube channels, 5 of them were made for kids (KAN & AKI’s CHANNEL;KIDS LINE;AAAjoken toys;Sen, Momo, Ai & Shii;Leon Channel). It’s also worth noting that Japanese YouTube users are getting to be quite young.

By the way, the channel I’m expected a lot from this year is this:


Although it’s biased, it’s a channel we made where you can laugh while learning Japanese at the same time.

Make sure to check it out!