CJC Member Introduction

The fun and lighthearted members who only think of stupid things that make up CJC


American Reporter
Taekwondo is his special skill
When he gets drunk he spews all over the place
Parental guidance is suggested.


Chinese Reporter
He loves Japanese games
but he loves Japanese girls even more.
His special skill is binge shopping for snacks.


The leader of the Thundercats (CJC)
He is always pissed that his subordinates never listen.
He sometimes spontaneously takes off his clothes.


CJC’s Public Relations
She is obsessed with Disney
You wouldn’t think it, but she is a pro hip hop dancer.

Psy Vai

He speaks in a quiet voice so we don’t understand
what he says half the time.
However, he seems to be a vocalist in a band.


An oriental girl who loves big Buddha
For some reason she has a rice cooker under her desk…


At first glance he seems pretty creepy
but on the inside he is just plain disgusting.
His wife often calls him by “hey shit head”.
They are happily married.

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