I Learned How To Do Anal Explosion From Wrestling

How’s it goin everyone? It’s Sakamoto. The other day I went to see a pretty awesome wrestling match. 
There were many different themes and elements such as the wide range of costumes worn, ranging from eastern to western influence.

So today I shared a lot of the pictures I took at the match and had Matt and Rose take a look at them.

Have you guys ever seen pro wrestling before?

Of course… America is the home of pro wrestling. I mean watching macho men duke it out is cool and all, but the after match commentary in the ring is the best!

Yeah I have to admit american pro wrestling is pretty awesome, but in Japan we also have some of the best pro wrestling entertainment out there! Rose do you know DDT?

Uh.. yeah! like Daniel Dislikes Tomato right?

The hell is that?

Recently I went and saw it for the first time. It’s called something like “Cultural Wrestling”, and it seems to be slowly gathering some attention.

Cultural Wrestling?

Rather than explain it, I think it would be faster to just show you.


Isn’t that a small child?

Yep, an elementary school student named Yuni

That’s child abuse yeah? There is no way in hell a kid can beat an adult.

That’s what you would think but…



               Huracan Rana!!


I think Yuni might actually win this….

whoa whoa, this is a joke right?

Is this what they call “Japanese Hospitality”?

Not….quite.. but explaining is too much of a pain so let’s just look at the pictures.


Look, there are even women wrestlers

They seem to be so stylish though… Are they really wrestlers?

It’s true they are real wrestlers.. but they model as well.


Oh God I would love to have her ram her foot up my ass…


yeah…. a match where you are getting your ass messed up would really suit you.

Even Trump’s here? Shit I really should’ve voted…

I’m not really sure I get why Trump’s here but anyway let me explain the rules to the special match

This kind of match fits me you say? I’m not really a big fan of Trump though..

Honestly Trump has nothing to do with this… but this match definitely suits your tastes.


WTF….. Anal Explosion Death Match…

How in God’s name does this suit me?

Basically the loser has a rocket fired out of their ass. You know, that sort of thing.

You said you really wanted your ass messed up right?

Dude.. I meant by beautiful women. This is just some weird fetish where people enjoy having rockets shoved up their glory hole and fire it off.


and this…. What’s this?!

Isn’t grabbing their junk considered foul play?

Ah.. but actually the guy in the orange pants has a mysterious power that pulls his opponents hand towards their crouch.

He then uses this power to throw his opponent.

The devastating technique, Penis Suplex!


They are messing around way too much

So this is “Cultural Wrestling”?

I’m not sure I really get it, but this seems to be a match that will be transmitted all over the world.

By the way, which one did the anal explosion?


Neither of them! A comedian who came to see the match actually did it.

Wow, it’s pitch black..

I  am definitely not trying that one.

The commentators received special instructions so no worries.

It’s too dangers for the average joe, so they advised not to try it at home.


Samurai are going to fight next? Rather than Cultural Wrestling, it’s more like a historical wrestling match.

That’s right.. Rose do you know the Nobunaga’s Ambition game?

Of course.. the game where samurai from various places come to unify the country right?

Exactly, this match is a collaboration with that game.


Huh? They are fighting while wearing armor…

I don’t think I have ever seen something like this…

I more interested in what they are doing with the chairs in the ring..

I think they are trying make it like a castle or something…


Wait.. What are they doing?

This isn’t pro wrestling! It’s against the rules to use a sword right? No even more, it’s crime!

That’s right. but they are re-enacting a famous historical scene.

That being the case… Which one will do the Anal Explosion?!

That was only the last match…

By the way, this has just been strange unusual matches the whole time. Is there any real matches?

Hmmm, I think the next one is..


Which part of this is normal?! The guy brought a damn latter in the ring…


No.. no way… Don’t throw your life away, your’e still young!






Diving Elbow Drop
from the top of the ladder


I don’t event know whats happening anymore…

So this is Cultural Wrestling….

In the end I’m not sure I really get it but it seems like they have just about everything.

Yeah, I’m not sure I get it either so I guess we’ll have to try it out ourselves to really get a feel for it.

Alright here we go.
Rose, do the Anal Explosion!


Pick Up!!

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