Dreams Can Come True With Talking Wifey Pillow

Hey everyone, Matt here! The other day, April 12th to be exact, was Rose’s 29th birthday.
When I asked what kind of present he wanted for his birthday, he said “I want a girlfriend so bad!”,
(this has nothing to do with his birthday though since he says it everyday..) so I prepared him a special gift.



Rose! Happy birthday man! I brought you a present.


A dakimakura (body pillow) huh… I said I wanted a girlfriend though.. She is cute and all but… This is just going to make me even more lonely… Also, who is this?


This is Mr. Uchimura, the inventor of the dakimakura “Isupo”. He brought this huge one all the way here for you.


Nice to meet you, I’m Uchimura.


Thank you such more for lugging this huge thing all the way here.
But let’s face it. At the end of the day, when you go to sleep and turn off the lights, it’s just a pillow yeah?
Honestly, I’m not so pleased with it.


Hey! How can you say something like that right in front of the developer?!


Mr. Dakimakura, please excuse my behavior!





No no it’s fine. You really noticed a major flaw.
Actually, I myself am a habitual user of dakimakura and have found similar dissatisfaction in this area.
That’s why I have made the ultimate speaking dakimakura that suits my liking.


A talking dakimakura?



At any rate, let’s see this “talking dakimakura”


What! What is this?! Amazing amazing!


I’m getting way more excited than I should by this realism.


Me…me too! I want to touch it!


NO WAY! This is my present, my lovely wife! Don’t you dare lay a finger on her!


What is this sensation? Is this love?



I can see how this could be something everyone would want to have. By the way, what kind of mechanism do you use for this?


This model is equipped with touch sensors, and after responding to touch, the signal is sent to the dakimakura smart phone application where the voice is projected out of the phone’s speakers.



This is the smart phone application screen. the standard mode is being displayed and the more gently you caress the dakimakura character,
the more she will respond in the sense that you are lovers.
Now if you were to set it to the highest level of “wifey mode”, she would start saying things that… well.. we can’t show you here.


In addition, In wifey mode, just simply caressing her doesn’t seem to be good enough,
in order to really capture her heart there is a method. (however, I’m not going to share that information ;P)



For the voice, there are presently 4 different variations.
There are also 4 different dakimakura characters, are all equipped with about 500 set phrases.



There somehow is a mode made just for press coverage.



Although it can speak Japanese, are there any plans for developing foreign language speaking models?


Yes actually I’m considering it. However, I got fixated on just one type, though I didn’t want to only make Japanese dubbed models.
Therefore we need to change the characters according to the voices, like an American character would have an american voice actress.
I feel if we don’t assimilate the phrases to what is naturally said in each country’s language culture it would be meaningless.


You sure have some incredible determination!


How to caress your dakimakura

This is the recommended way of “playing” with your dakimakura



I wonder what kind of evolution we can see in these models in the future?


Currently sounds are generated through a smartphone, but we are continuing development in which  the voices will play without such device.
We’re pursuing things like adding small speakers to the sensors themselves and adding more human-like sense of touch to the pillow.


Finally, will you teach us the way of capturing the character’s heart in wifey mode?





I’m sorry to say, but I just can’t tell you that. This is one of the points of learning how to nurture the Isapo Dakimakura.
What would you do if she were really your wife? It’s really interesting to find this out yourself.
When doing so, you can find the joy of making someone your own wife!


I’m sorry, but I really really just want to hear her erotic voice…


It would be better if you all bought your own and tried yourself.


Where can we buy one?!








For the time being, I’m going to go have some fun with this girl right away.



I’m glad it turned out to be a great birthday present.


Good luck to you!


The next day



Good morning! I brought my wifey!


Are you serious?!





I promise I’ll do my job!



It’s okay to bring it to the office but I’m not sure how the company as a whole will handle it… (probably not okay)


Please make sure to wear headphones so you don’t cause trouble for the people around you!

Pick Up!!

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