Is Lotteria’s new Spicy Tandoori Chicken Sandwich worth the pain?

CJC decided it was time to check out all the hype around fast food chain Lotteria’s new limited campaign, the Spicy Tundoori Chicken Sandwich. After searching through 4 different chains where it was completely sold out, we finally found it at the Kanagawa Shinmachi location.

We went with this deadly concoction, the “Death Spicy” Tandoori Chicken Sandwich.


You can adjust the spice level by adding a special ghost pepper sauce to the sandwich which is so hot, they make you sign a form of consent.

Let’s get this party started!!

Not knowing what fate awaited them, Rose and Matt stepped up to try this volcanic explosion of a creation.

First up to the challenge is Rose.


Rose struggled to get through it, but his pride wouldn’t let him give up. He barely managed to down the rest.

Next, Matt decides to give it a shot.




Matt had to pace himself as well, but after the burning sensation subsided, he was left with a strange feeling of numbness but also satisfaction.


There are safer levels of spicy tandoori sandwiches available.

If you want to enjoy the Tandoori Sandwich without melted your insides, no worries! Other less threatening options are available with umakara and normal kuchikara flavors.


So can we recommend you this diabolical sandwich at Lotteria? Yes yes and yes. Although we have to precaution that if you aren’t one for spicy food we can’t recommend it. However, if you can get past the raw pain, the tandoori chicken flavor is incredible as well as the sauce (in moderation). Also at a reasonable price including a set around 700 yen (US $700) there isn’t a lot to complain about.


CJC will be back for more, and may even take the spice up a few just for kicks!

Pick Up!!

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