maidreamin ‘AKIHABARA LIVE RESTAURANT Heaven’s Gate’

I came to Akihabara in Tokyo today.

Akihabara is famous for “home electronics” and “otaku/idol culture”,
and many people from all over the world expect those including “maid café”.

There are lots of maid cafes in Akihabara which is the origin of maid café,
and we are going to introduce the maid café, called

“maidreamin ‘AKIHABARA LIVE RESTAURANT Heaven’s Gate’”

which has many entertainment criteria like concert with Rose from China,
not like the chill and relax type of maid café.

First of all, after you take off the train, you go to Electronic city gate,
and it takes 10 seconds by walk from there.
Right after you leave the station, you can see the building of game arcade that Heaven’s Gate is located.

On the 1st floor of the building, there is the “dream jet” which is bound for the dream land.
You take the dream jet and up to 6th floor.
(Actually, it is just an elevator)

After you take off the “jet”, here is the entrance.
It seems the dream land, “maidreamin” is waiting for us behind the door.

And, the maid who introduce the dream land today is…


She welcomed us with orange dressing as the image of Halloween.

We enter the inside after Yumo-chan.

Here is the dream land.
Heaven’s Gate is the biggest maid café in Akihabara and there are 83 seats!
Masters and Princesses (maid calls the customer like this) are spending the good time in here every day.

However, you can spend fantastic time while you are in the dream land,
of course there are several rules in order to spend the good time.

Touching to maids, taking photo, or recording the video are prohibited.
(We got the permission to take a picture and to record the video)
There are some other rules, so please keep the rules and enjoy.

After you got the table, we need to order.

“What can I get for you?”

English menu is available, so do not worry about it.

  For your information, many foreign customers visit here,
and it is not that rare that more than 50% of customers are from other countries.

FREE Wi-Fi is of course available.

Other maids also can speak few English including Yumo-chan.
(They are studying after working here. Awesome!)

So, we ordered the set of parfait and drink, and also rice omelet.

maidreamin16  maidreamin11
Oh, I forgot to tell you that the rabbit ear Rose put on will be put by maids during in the dream land.
You can buy it too.

When you order the food, the maid works magic to be delicious.

“Oishiku na~re, u~~~, moe~~” (magic word)

Oh yeah! It works!!
(Well, is it delicious originally I guess?
But I do not know the taste of it before working on the magic, so I cannot say anything about it)

You do not have to think about something like that!!

There are some types of magic such as “moe~” or “Nyan nyan” etc…
You cannot be shy at this moment, and do it together!!
This is the part of the program to experience the Japanese “otaku” culture!!

I do not know the foods became delicious because of the magic,
but the quality is surprisingly good!
Actually, I do not expect the taste of this kind of place,
but I was like, “OH MY GOD. It’s good”

The maidreamin is the café based on the food and beverage,
so they put bunch of efforts on the quality of foods.

You can order the “LIVE SET (JPY 1200)” which is one of the feature in this café,
and maids give performance on the stage by the song you choose. I have no choice, right?

The performer today is Yumo-chan.

  Yumo-chan got the championship of the contest of maidreamin group in all over Japan.
She likes idols, and she often posts the video of dance performance on the website.
The reason why she chose this job is that she can sing and dance with cute uniform.

We could record her performance specially, so here you are.

It was like real live performance of idols.
Because of the shooting today, we went there during the slow period,
but when it is popular slot, the voltage is high and high!!

They sing the songs as many as the customer order the “LIVE SET”.

20 ~30 songs are average per day.
Yes, this is what entertainment restaurant is.

Look at this Rose! Looks fun right!?
The guy behind reached different level lol

In order to perform on the stage, the maids need to pass the exam,
so whoever maids cannot be on the stage.
The fresh maids practice the dance in their private time.
Studying English and practicing dance,,, these efforts made us to support them more.

Yumo-chan: I’m doing my best because I want the mister and the lady to come back again.

Finally, we take a ceremonial photograph (including the set menu)

Rose: This is going to be my treasure!!

The dreaming time flies so fast.
I feel so sad at the counter at the end.
It’s about time to go home…sigh


I definitely come back here as soon as possible.
It always open, you should go and enjoy at the dream land,
maidreamin “AKIHABARA LIVE RESTAURANT Heaven’s Gate”


There are several group stores, not only Heaven’s Gate, and the other stores also have each feature.
Please check them from the website here.


Finally, the comments about the dream land from Rose…

<maidreamin “AKIHABARA LIVE RESTAURANT Heaven’s Gate”>


AK-BLDG 6F 1-15-9 Sotokanda Chiyoda-ku Tokyo


JR-line Akihabara sta.
in the front left of Akihabara Electric Town (Denki-Gai) exit


weekday 11:30~23:00
Sat.Sun. and Public Holidays 10:30~23:00

Phone Number


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