McDonalds Japan Releases Pokemon McFlurrys To Keep You Cool This Summer

Recently, thanks to the recent collaboration with Pokemon GO, McDonalds in Japan is having quite a turn around.


Additionally, as of this Friday, July 14th, you can get your hands on these limited addition adorable Pokemon McFlurrys! Based on the color of the Pokemon there will be an arrangement of different flavors.



For Pikachu, you can expect a delicious chocolate banana flavor. A wonderful flavor during these hot summers.



Charmander spices things up with habanero flavor. Although it’s hot outside, why not take on the challenge?



Squirtle keeps things bubbly with a ramune soda flavor.



Jigglypuff brings a white peach flavor. Also very refreshing under the summer heat.



Bulbasaur is getting a sort of broccoli flavor which I’m not so sure if I can stomach… Nevertheless, gotta catch them all right?



Finally wrapping the flavors up is a purple fleshed sweet potato inspired by Gengar.


You can expect that we here at CJC will be there this Friday to try all the wonderful flavors. So make sure to look forward to our review over them!

As a last piece of news, it seems that this collaboration might also be building the hype in anticipation for the new Pokemon movie releases this Friday, July 15th in theaters. Judging by the trailer it looks quite promising so make sure you check it out in the video below!

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