niconico Honsha

We introduced niconico last week, but we want to know more about it,
so we went to niconico Honsha in Ikebukuro with Rose from China who likes niconico.

Here is the niconico Honsha.

Well, because we would like to ask some questions to the CEO,
we entered the inside of the building,,,

but looks like not the company.

There was the staff who wears niconico jacket,
so we asked where the reception is,,, and the staff said

“Here is not the company”

Wait what!?

Actually, it is true.
The name is niconico Honsha (Honsha means head quarter company),
but it is not the company which is the complex facilities
that there are café, event space, satellite studio of goods shop for broadcasting.
Of course, the CEO should not be here.

(The actual head quarter company is located in Ginza as DWANGO Co., Ltd.)

niconico37  niconico33
Satellite Studio                                              Goods shop

It is ok. We will enjoy niconico Honsha today.

It is mainly café.

niconico51  niconico52

The café always collaborate with something every time,
and this time was
the movie of “KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm” based on the anime

which is popular by young women.
(of course popular by foreign people)

niconico38  niconico27
There is the collaborated menu with the title,
and if you order the menu, you can get the place mat of niconico original randomly.
There are actually 18 kinds, so if you want to have all of them, you need to come many times here.

The customers are also coming for collaborated café (almost women customers),
and some customer bring many goods here.
The customer had not the place mat that Rose got, so we gave it to her.
Like this, here is also used as the place for communication among the fans.

niconico40  niconico34
You can draw the character on the wall of counter seats.
Goods shop also sell the character goods and collaborated goods with niconico.

This time was collaboration with anime title,
but niconico used to collaborate with Japan national team of man’s volleyball,
so it is the wide range of collaboration.


Well, we are hungry now so let’s eat something.

It looks there are some interesting menu.

First of all,

Manga Niku

This is the beef with bone
that we can say the big eating character in Japanese manga or anime often have.
They rolled many beef on the bone in order to eat in the real world.

When Rose who is big eater eats the Manga Niku, it looks good (w)
There you go “w”  do you remember what does it mean?

And next one is this,,,

The grass on the pizza

“w” means “lol”, and the shape of “w” looks like grass, so “w” = “grass”
This is the pizza of this expression.
Actually, there is the grass (vegetable) and the “w” shape of biscuit on the pizza.

Finally, the most surprised menu is this.

Rice combo

Japanese cuisine (Washoku) always have rice, fish, 2 side menus, and miso soup.
This combo expresses them by only rice (w)
The fish shape by rice, the rice in the bowls for miso soup…
We actually had hard time to finish those up (w)


After you stuffed by food, it is good idea to chill by watching niconico.

The charger and Wi-Fi are available for free.

This bar counter is one of the features in niconico Honsha.

Here is not just the bar counter, but the counter for broadcasting of niconico.

It equips the camera and sounds facilities completely, so it is really convenient.

Rose try to broadcast as trial to feel the atmosphere.

Also, there is one more interesting system, and it is …

” For That Customer System”

It means the audience can treat the tip (internet currency) to the person who is broadcasting.
The treating menu has various, but

the most sour pickled plum

You can treat like above, and enjoy the reaction (w)

Thus, we introduced niconico and nico café in 2 weeks. How was it?
Broadcasting is kind of hard for the beginner,
but if you have interested in, you should use it and enjoy.
Especially who like pop culture, your daily life is going to be fun!!

For the good ending, we borrowed the event space to comment about nico café from Rose.

<niconico Honsha>


1-50-35, Higashiikebukuro , Toshima-ku, Tokyo


By train: 1min walk from Ikebukuro station of JR Line


11:00〜21:00(cafe L.O. food 20:15/drink 20:30)

Phone Number



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