DAMAI[Cosme Online shop]

DAMAI[Cosme Online shop]


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DAMAI[Cosme Online shop]

“Ultimate Cosmetic Operation”by skillful therapists.Massage for dieting and anti-aging beauty salon in Ginza “Detox Spa Damai.”Here are the best products including the original brand for your beauty!

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As we grow older,basal metabolizm decrease and our bodys become swollen and fatty. If we leave it as it is,it is the cause of hard cellulite. Keeping the circulation throughout the entire body is the first step to the ideal body. “DAMAI CELLULIFIRM BODY CREAM” can remove the swelling that is the cause to be hard to lose weight,and provide beauty ingredients into the skin for improving the circulation.It can also promote decomposition of fat in fat cells and make your body line  smooth and beautiful if you massage with it at home everyday.


Simplisse Perfect Diet Plus+

Simplisse Beauty Program25


Simplisse DETOX TEA

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