We introduced here just a little when we wrote about the Isezaki Area.

Here is the shooting bar where you can enjoy the alcohols and shooting.

We received many requests like
“Please tell us about the bar little bit more!” or
“I do not get without the movie!”,
so we went there to introduce more deeply
with Fred from Sweden and Matt from America both of whom they live in Yokohama.

Theme is star wars and cowboy..?

Fred & Matt

Two stations by Keikyu line from Yokohama station
It takes 2 or 3 minutes by walk from Hinode-cho station to GET @ City.
8 mins walk from Kannai or Sakuragi-cho.

When we go down to the underground floor,
there is the door something smells so dangerous…

Here is actually the entrance of GET@City,
but this dignity…you need some courage I guess…
Do not think you are going to shoot right after you enter the entrance…

Just kidding.

Do not worry about it. Staff will welcome you with bug smiles 🙂
Here is the entertainment spots by serving air gun and alcohols and they want you to enjoy.

Look at this cool and fashionable place.
You do not have to shoot here just come over here to drink.
(Actually, there is the customer like that)

After you enter the bar, they will ask you to submit the ID
and write signature on the commitment in order to make member card.

Even though it is just air soft gun, you cannot hit other people,
and even though the gun is not loaded, you cannot point muzzle to other people etc.

If you cannot promise about these commitment,
it is GET OUT City, not GET @ City.

 Maybe you sometimes worry about something,
but the English instruction is available for beginner, so do not worry about it.

After you have done the registration, order the drink first.

There are many kinds of drinks, and if you ask,
maybe the staff make you the original cocktail for you?

The behind you can see is the shooting range.

They prepare the 3 ranges maximum 10 meter for experienced customer.

get11  get12

At the 5 meters point, there are various targets from small to large.

You can compete with points, or you can compete how many pet bottle you can hit or etc…
You can enjoy with of course friends,
and also you can battle against experienced staff.

get13  get14
They are thinking which guns they will use to play.
There are 40 kinds if guns everyday. If you have gun, you can bring it to the bar.

Are you ready to shoot guys?
They chose rifle first.

Matt chose… G36K futuristic gun which is used by the movie “Renegade Justice.

”Fred chose… M16 Standard gun which is used by the “Terminator.”

Let’s shoot!!!

You cannot get anything from this video because the bullet is too fast lol
but you can feel the sound and the impact of the gun.

The price and the number of bullets are different by the type of guns,
but 100 bullets by JPY 600 for rifle and 26 bullets by JPY 500 for hand gun are average.

After you finished the shooting, you will be presented the sheet you shot.
Look at the sheet closer, and you can see
if you hit the criminal guy (black), added the point, and the hostage (white) is minus.

What was the score for them…?

Matt hide the minus points lol

They enjoyed this shooting, but there is the secret goods you can enjoy more.

Just shoot as you did last time.

I did not think I could shoot the laser beam in real world that I always saw it in the movie!!

They are so exciting but of course it is not the real one,
and the special bullet is just light up by shooting.
That is why it looks like laser beam in a dark place.
The evolution of air gun…what an awesome!

In order to shoot laser beam(luminous bullet), it takes some costs.

Drinking alcohol at the counter seats after they satisfied with shooting.

At the end, Matt found the hat from somewhere and repeatedly saying “I am cowboy”

Looks like they love here lol

Moreover, GET@City held various kinds of events day by day.
Because the spot next to GET@CIty is the anime kind,
so sometimes the cosplay event of anime by using gun is held too.

get21  get22

So, Get@City is the full of entertainment shooting bar for people
who likes air gun, alcohol, and also anime.

Finally, here is the comment from Matt and Fred.



B1F 53-3 Nishidori Fukutomicho, Naka-ku, Yokohama 231-0042, Kanagawa Prefecture


By train:8min walk from Kannai station of JR Line / Blue Line
3min walk from Hinodechou station of Keikyu Line
By car:5min from Minatomirai Ramp(EXIT) or Yokohama Park Ramp(EXIT) of Metropolitan Expressway


Monday – Sunday 19:00 – 5:00, the following day(L.O.4:00)

Phone Number


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