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Weekly Chop #7

Do you still remember CHOP lessons two weeks ago? Don’t forget to review the vocabulary you learned. 🙂


Wangfujing and the Marvelous Soup Dumplings

A quest for the famed soup dumplings from Wangfujing has begun. After trekking across town in the extreme summer heat, you see a large ornate gate.

megane 2

Animegane Brings Anime To Eyewear In Style

 There is a new store that made it’s way to Kanda, right outside of Akihabara called Animegane, which sells glasses in collaboration with various anime.


Prank いたずら Japanese Lesson #49

Have you been reading this week’s Chop lessons? It’s time for your daily lesson!



Naked Comedians Are All The Rage Right Now

Naked comedians have been popping up more in Japan and although it probably isn’t seen as cool like the picture above, it definitely makes for a few good laughs here. This could be the sole form of comedy that the world can agree on.


yamazaki 2

Lunch Packs By Yamazaki Are A Great Snack For Both Kids And Adults

If you happen to make your way to Japan one thing you often come across are these wonderful sandwiches called Lunch Packs made by Yamazaki.



Nihonbashi’s Kite Museum Is A Site To See

Today it’s time to dig up some of Japan’s uniqueness. I’d like to introduce a cool museum in Nihonbashi.



APizza Brings You Tasty Pizza For Around 5 Bucks

500 yen coin Pizza has been on our hit list for a while, and APizza in Tokyo’s suburban Ikebukuro, was just the cure.



Cool Japan Shops


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